Histrionic Productions is on a mission to create theatre as it has never been experienced before.

At Histrionic we know the secret ingredient is YOU, the audience – or more accurately the participant. We want you to be part of the cast, part of the show, part of the experience. That's what makes a Histrionic Production unique. 

In every Histrionic Productions show, the audience will see, hear, smell, taste and touch the story. You’ll mingle with the cast, explore the set and play a role in the show. What you wear, eat and drink and how you react to the environment and the action all add to the atmosphere. 

That’s what makes it a theatrical experience, that’s what will transport you to the heart of the story and suspend disbelief for the duration of the show. 

At Histrionic Productions, we believe our pioneering genre of multi-sensory, theatrical experience has the power to deliver globally renowned narrative more powerfully than any other medium, and we look forward to sharing our pipeline of extraordinary productions.