Mackays Marmalade partner with Paddington - Marmalade Messiness

JULY 2022, UK: Histrionic Productions, the outfit behind this summer’s must-see immersive adventure, ‘PaddingtonTM - Marmalade Messiness’ at Dalkeith Country Park, Scotland, is pleased to announce the show is sponsored by Mackays Marmalade.

From this week until 4th September 2022, ‘Marmalade Messiness - the immersive adventure’ takes audiences through the Dalkeith Country Park grounds and into the Palace kitchen exploring Jonathan’s Den and the lost and found along the way.

Scotland is the birthplace of modern marmalade and one that Paddington, renowned connoisseur of the sticky orange spread, is likely to appreciate more than most. The origin of ‘Dundee Marmalade’ started in the 18th century when a Spanish ship took refuge in Dundee and a local grocer purchased an exotic consignment of Seville Oranges. Upon discovering they were too bitter, the grocer’s wife boiled them with sugar to create the delicious preserve now known as Dundee Orange Marmalade.

The narrative of Scotland’s tasty export, and Paddington’s favourite snack, is weaved effortlessly throughout the show, bringing this local knowledge to a new audience of children and adults who can be proud of their heritage and its links to the loveable bear.

Mackays, which has been producing marmalade in Scotland since 1938, is the country’s biggest producer of marmalade and preserve, is the number one marmalade brand in Scotland, and is distributed in 95 countries worldwide. As part of the show, this unique partnership will see the Palace’s Cook named as Mrs Mackay. The eponymous Cook will feature throughout the show, and will lead a marmalade-making scene for the children to get stuck into.

Martin Grant, Managing Director of Mackays said:

“Scotland is the birthplace of marmalade, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to welcome Paddington to Scotland and support 'Paddington - Marmalade Messiness’ at Dalkeith Palace. Paddington is the perfect storyteller to inform children and adults of the history of Dundee Marmalade, and Mackays role in it.”

Adam McKenzie Wylie, founder, Histrionic Productions, said:

“We look forward to seeing fans embark on Paddington’s new adventure in Scotland, celebrating its marmalade heritage with our partner Mackays. The experience is set to be very exciting, informative and fun, in the beautiful setting that is Dalkeith Country Park.”