A multi-sensory, first-person exploration of Orwell's masterpiece

This winter step into a multi-sensory, first-person, live theatrical, immersive exploration of George Orwell’s masterpiece, 1984, produced in conjunction with the Orwell Estate.

For the first time ever, enter into the unsettling and prescient dystopia of  perhaps the defining story of the 20th Century.

Dressed in the blue overalls of an outer party member, you will experience Big Brother and the scrutiny of the Thought Police as you progress  through Victory Square and the Ministry of Truth to the counterpoint of Prole Town where you will be free to reflect on your experience and enjoy a broad range of  in-world hospitality & F&B - perhaps a fortifying shot of Victory Gin or a pint of Wallop.  

Set in a 'post-truth' world, elements of circular narrative will contradict to disorientate and reinforce the transitory nature of truth as we explore the key locations of the classic novel.

We expect the show to have both a strong visceral and intellectual impact on guests who may feel a sense of catharsis after their dystopian ordeal, but who will also be left more attuned to the dangers of 'newspeak', 'alternative facts’  and more conscious of the value of democracy itself. 

The audience will leave feeling they have had both a great night out and  an acute warning - that the gap between today’s post-truth environment the erosion of democracy is not so very far from the world of Big Brother…

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